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Today is blog day for this art website, but it’s also the day I am going into the hospital to have a tumor removed from my chest. It suddenly appeared about two and have months ago, and in that time, the medical people have been struggling to understand what kind of tumor it is, and how to deal with it. I was scanned and viewed and prodded by all sorts of machines without finding out a lot, and it’s taken up to this time before I could have it removed.

Needless to say, this puts an immediate crimp on my artwork. In particular is the restraints I will be placed on concerning how much I can lift. I have maybe four paintings done this summer, although the decisions on whether they are really finished or not hasn’t been made. Several others were only in the planning stage, and a few were already put on hold because of our drought.

I’m going to be in the hospital for three days. For some time, I may not be able paint, or more appropriately, carry travel easels or tackle boxes bull of paint, but I can write. Up until the past week or so, I had been carrying and painting out in the heat of summer. Thankfully, we had not experienced the record breaking heat that most of the country did. Whenever it got hot, our natural air conditioner kicked in, that being Lake Michigan. I can still paint in 90 degree days, but I wouldn’t push it to 95, or espeically 100.

So when I get back to painting, it will probably be painting things indoors. That should be less bothersome at that time. It will also be colder by the time I can plein air paint, something that also forces us indoors. And as I can write, I can whip up a few blog posts in the interim. So I really hope that all goes well today.

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